Appliance Repair Halifax

appliance repair

When you call Max Appliance Repair, you can depend on our team to perform prompt and professional repairs on your fridge, stove, oven, dishwasher, washer and dryer. With us you get:

  • Same-day appliance repairs in Halifax
  • Fully trained repair technicians
  • Over 15 years of professional appliance repair experience
  • Repairs you can afford
  • Fast assistance and on-site repairs


Contact our Halifax team today (902) 904-5559

Services We Offer

We understand the value of each home appliance and the essential role it has to play. Without a properly working fridge, for instant, your food will spoil. All the more reason to call Max Appliance Repair when you need fast and reliable appliance repair Halifax services.

Fridge Repair Halifax

If your fridge stops running, starts making a strange noise or is not reaching the appropriate temperature, call us right away. Our team will arrive promptly to diagnose the cause of the problem and provide you with a fast and affordable solution.

Oven Repair Halifax

In order to cook the perfect meals, you need an oven that will operate at the set temperature. If your oven is getting too hot, not hot enough or if you notice any other problem, call us right away. Avoid using your oven until our team has diagnosed and repaired the fault.

Stove Repair Halifax

Like your oven, your stove also needs to operate at the correct temperature. If it’s too hot, you could burn your food and, if it’s too cold, you will spend hours waiting for that pot to boil. Whether you notice a problem with one or more burners, we are always ready to help and our team is only a phone call away.

Dishwasher Repair Halifax

From clogged filters and worn gaskets to more serious issues like motor, thermostat and electronic faults, our team is trained and experienced in repairing them all. No matter the problem or the brand of your dishwasher, you can always depend on Max Appliance Repair to get this essential appliance in perfect working order again.

Washer Repair Halifax

It’s difficult to imagine life without your washer, until the day comes when it no longer works. Common problems include leaks, motor issues, faulty pumps and electronic faults. For fast and reliable repairs, call us right away.

Dryer Repair Halifax

If your dryer is no longer turning or it is failing to regulate the temperature properly, call us right away. We strongly recommend that you avoid using this appliance until our team has performed a thorough diagnoses and repairs.

Why Call Max Appliance Repairs:

dryer repair

Our technicians are available throughout Halifax and we are trained and experienced in repairing all appliances – no matter the brand or model.
When you call, we always come prepared with the tools and various parts that might come in handy to complete repairs during our initial visit.
Customer satisfaction is our top concern. So, while we focus on performing fast and reliable repairs, we also understand the importance of affordability and do everything in our power to keep repair costs to a minimum.

Every client is important to us and we strongly believe in providing professional services and repairs that last. No matter where you are in Halifax, you can always call us for urgent appliance repairs.

Call Max Appliance Repair for all your emergency appliance repair Halifax needs.


Halifax Appliance Repair

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