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For fast and reliable appliance repair services, you can always depend on Max Appliance Repair. When you call us, you can expect:

  • Speedy, same-day Bedford appliance repairs
  • Our technicians are fully trained
  • More than 15 years of appliance repair experienced
  • We keep repairs affordable
  • Speedy on-site appliance repairs


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What We Offer

At Max Appliance Repair, we understand that every home appliance is essential and it is also an investment. This is all the more reason to opt for repairs rather than a replacement. You can rely on our team to perform precise and professional repairs on all household appliances.

Fridge Repair Bedford

Some of the most common fridge problems include temperature control issues, failing to run at all and leaks. No matter the problem, our technicians will arrive quickly to get to the bottom of it and perform the necessary repairs.

Stove Repair Bedford

If one or more of your stove burners is not working as it should, contact our technicians right away. No matter the type of stove, the brand or model, we are trained and experienced in diagnosing the problem and performing precise repairs.

Oven Repair Bedford

Most ovens will work very well for years without any problems. However, when you notice that your oven is no longer running at the set temperature, if an error message appears or any other fault occurs, it’s best to avoid using this appliance and call us right away for fast repairs.

Dishwasher Repair Bedford

With so many working parts, it’s no wonder dishwasher faults can be tricky to diagnose. Fortunately, we are trained to identify common and uncommon problems in all dishwashers no matter the brand or model. Call Max Appliance Repair for reliable dishwasher repairs.

Washer Repair Bedford

Leaks, faulty pumps and electronic issues are just some of the common problems that can affect your washer. Don’t let a faulty washer ruin your day – call our technicians for speedy on-site repairs.

Dryer Repair Bedford

If your dryer is getting too hot, not warm enough, failing to turn or not turning on at all, we are just a phone call away. Our team will be at your door before you know it and we always arrive prepared to perform repairs right away.

Why Choose Max Appliance Repairs:

dryer repair

No matter the brand or model of your home appliance, our technicians are trained and experienced in performing professional repairs.
Our technicians always arrive prepared. We stock our vehicles with the tools and various parts to complete repairs during our first visit.
Our main concern is making sure that our customers are satisfied. Apart from providing professional and fast repairs, we also do everything possible to keep repair costs to a minimum. Affordability is extremely important to us.

We believe in providing every client with the very best and most professional services as well as quality repairs that will not let you down. When you need urgent repairs anywhere in Bedford, you can always depend on Max Appliance Repairs.

For your emergency appliance repair Bedford needs, call Max Appliance Repair.


Bedford Appliance Repair

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